Psychic Debbie is NOW offering a variety of workshops to help YOU!

From helping you strengthen your psychic ability and become a more intuitive person in High Frequency 1 & 2 to finding your ‘spiritual’ truth (F.Y.T.) Each workshop is a one day, six hour workshop. Each workshop is with a small intimate group which will make you feel welcomed, comfortable, and able to grow.

In High Frequency 1 you will learn how to:

• Open your spiritual realm of communication to the other side
• Release the fears and blockages
• see and read Auras
• connect to Crystals and the Spiritual realm
• open up to perform a reading

In High Frequency 2 you will learn how to:

• trust your insight
• Read the vibrations of others
• Read the stories of others
• Use Psychometry
• Use Remote Viewing
• Read a cold case

In Finding Your ‘Spiritual’ Truth you will learn how to:

• Release blockages you may have in relationships, work, family, and personal goals
• Find your inner-child
• Balance your feminine and masculine vibrations
• Find and accept your spiritual truth and purpose
• Finally bring in your prosperity, health , and love you deserve
Includes free one hour 1-on-1 consultation with Psychic Debbie within a week of the class

Contact Psychic Debbie:

Phone: (406) 396-4786
Facebook: photo psychic medium Debbie griggs
Twitter: @mediumdebbieg