Photo Psychic Readings by Debbie Griggs

When I look at a photo of a person’s face, I can see their energy and tell you their story as the eyes are the window to the soul. Perhaps you are wondering about the person’s health or their blocks to abundance or if they are your true love. If the photo is of someone who has passed, I can connect with their spirit and bring you messages from the other side. I can also communicate with your beloved pets whether they are in this world or the next.

I work with my guides in order to connect you to your spiritual truth and provide you with specific guidance about how to move forward in your life. Of course, you always have free will and free choice to make your own decisions. The information from my guides comes to me in a “knowing”. I also receive pictures and hear my spirits speak.

Often during a reading, I will identify your blocks to manifesting the love, health, and abundance that you desire and deserve. The block may be something that happened earlier in your life or perhaps something that happened in a past life. My guides will provide you with an affirmation to repeat in order to unblock and heal you. This will allow you to move forward on your path of spiritual truth. They may also suggest a crystal to help heal and guide you.

You can hire me for various occasions for group readings. Perhaps you want an original Christmas or birthday party or you are just having a party with your friends and want to have some fun!

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