Psychic Readings

I work with my guides in order to connect you to your spiritual truth and provide you with specific guidance about how to move forward in your life. Of course, you always have free will and free choice to make your own decisions. The information from my guides comes to me in a “knowing”. I also receive pictures and hear my spirits speak.

Detective Work

I sensed that I needed to use my abilities to help the police to solve crimes. As I was driving down the open Montana roads, I asked the angels for a sign in the form of a feather. They gave me a large cloud shaped like a feather. I took this as a very loud Yes! and have been helping officials across the country to solve crimes ever since.

Very specific images and impressions come from my guides to provide the police with critical clues to solve the cases. I have helped a number of law officials to identify the location of missing people across the country.

My gifts are particularly strong if I am near the location where the crime occurred, however I can still provide useful information from a distance or from a photo.

House Cleansing

If you are curious about any ghosts in your house, I can visit and communicate with the spirits to find out why they are there. If they are unwanted, I can clear out the spirit.

Group Readings & Events

Debbie Griggs is available for group readings and events. You can have a large group and have Debbie read the group all at one time, or if you would like Debbie Griggs can individually read all members of the group at separate times. Debbie has experience doing large readings for expos as you can see in the video from the Portland Expo in 2014.
Spiritual Adventures Group In Missoula, MT
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